PPA Sports Lessons

Sports Active Coaching provides schools in the London and Surrey areas with high quality sports provision. This includes PE specialists delivering high quality PE to pupils, professional development for teachers, bespoke services and club coaching (morning/ lunch and after school clubs).

As a result of Covid 19 we have adapted our delivery model in accordance with the latest government guidance, some of these changes include the following:

Lessons are socially distanced, we provide the option of no equipment or limited shared equipment being used for lessons, sports equipment cleaning schedule provided paying scrupulous attention to cleaning and hygiene. lessons are skill based and involve no form of physical contact such as matches.

Physical and Education

Delivered from our innovative PE Portal by experienced qualified PE teachers, we provide an all in one PE solution for schools covering: Schemes of work, progression ladders, sports specific lessons (no duplications), pupil challenge cards, assessment framework and lessons that ignite a lifelong love of sport and physical activity.

 We have 3 different programmes which are the following:

High Quality PE for Pupils

At Sports Active Coaching we teach outstanding PE across the national curriculum and always to the highest standards. We will raise the quality of delivery of all areas of PE Curriculum to include the following sports and activities:

  • RAmerican Football
  • RAthletics
  • RKorfball
  • RBadminton
  • RBasketball
  • RCricket
  • RDance
  • RDodgeball
  • RFitness
  • RFootball
  • RGymnastics
  • RHandball
  • RHockey
  • RLacrosse
  • RNetball
  • ROrienteering
  • RRounders
  • RRugby
  • RSAQ Multiskills
  • RSoftball
  • RTable Tennis
  • RTennis
  • RTri Golf
  • RVolley ball
  • RAnd Much more...

We will focus on physical literacy and improving the sports specific skill of your pupils by using the growth mindset and delivering fundamentals of movement within a sports specific curriculum. This allows us to work on resilience, team work and leadership skills for example.
The sessions are structured so specific learning outcomes are achieved through individual, paired, group and match play.

Professional Development for Staff

We offer uniquely tailored training so that your staff can make your school’s sport provision better. We show your teachers how to prepare, take and assess lessons. We also observe teaching and give feedback. We provide specialist knowledge, build teaching confidence and cement outstanding practice. Your staff will become more knowledgeable and confident.

Bespoke Services

We can tailor your provision to include the PE co-ordinator or Clubs co-ordinator role, assist in pupil assessments, reports and obtaining the school games mark. We can also provide inset days on any sport or activity your school requires be it gymnastics or playground games. Finally, we can also select, train and attend matches or tournaments for your school.


These clubs take place at breakfast, lunch or afterschool and are aimed at reception to year 6 pupils. Sports Active Coaching can deliver these clubs or we can become the co-ordinator of all the clubs freeing up staffing and resources for the school.

The sports and activities delivered are the following:

American Football/ Athletics / Badminton/ Basketball/ Cricket/ Dance/ Dodgeball /Fitness/ Football/ Gymnastics/ Handball /Hockey /Korfball/ Lacrosse/ Lego/ Netball/ Orienteering/ Rounders/ Rugby/ SAQ Multiskills/ Softball/ Table Tennis/ Tennis/ Tri Golf/ Volleyball and much more.

Breakfast Club

these early morning sessions are a perfect way to physically and mentally prepare children for the busy school day ahead. With the emphasis solely placed on fun sports related activities and games.

Lunch Time Club

through the presence of a sports coach, children are encouraged to take part in structured multi-sport games.

After School Club

the enthusiastic young sports person who wants to keep active and improve their individual and team based skills. The focus of these sessions is to teach a new skill and develop the player using a variety of fun games. Children will also have the opportunity to receive a bronze, silver or gold award based on the skills learnt in the club.

Bespoke services

Sports Active Coaching also has the ability to deliver bespoke targeted clubs to lots of different groups of children including the less active, SEND children, the gifted and talented, children taking part in competitions and many more.

Please see more information about these services below, if you want to find out more please get in touch by email on office@sportsactivecoaching.co.uk or call Trevor Meader on 07740 292 379 / Greg Fidele on 07850 425 322.